I am available at Freelancer with nick name as HTML5Gure.

On Elance as Web2Developer

Through my primary, business email id shiv[AT]itapplication.net. Support will provide through live chat through GTalk and email. Payment will be accepted through paypal.

Drupal Themes contributed to Drupal community


Zilch means zero. Zero in term of weight, color, image. Absolutely clean Drupal theme. Zilch Drupal theme places a focus on usability, legibility and readability. Large text. Readability is important, and no one likes small print. Simplicity is key of theme, featuring plenty of white space, as well as a lack of superfluous elements. It is powerful, clean, table-less, light weight and liquid width theme

Red Theme

Read Drupal theme is powerful, clean, table-less, responsive theme and dark theme.

Black Theme

Black theme is for those people who love dark theme. Black Drupal theme is powerful, clean, table-less, dark, responsive theme


Green is the color most commonly associated with nature, growing grass, spring, hope and the environmental movement. Green theme is dedicated for fresh green nature. I develop design of Drupal theme into various green color tones. Green is a powerful, clean, Responsive Drupal theme.


Sea is important in moderating the Earth's climate, in providing food and oxygen, in its enormous diversity of life, and for transport. It covers over 70 % of the Earth's surface. I incorporate this concept of Sea into Drupal theme. Sea is a powerful, clean, responsive theme

Acta HTML5

Acta is Latin word. Acta means sea beach.
Acta HTML5 theme integrate sea beach concept in design and built upon advance bleeding edge technology of HTML5 and CSS3.


Under Development.